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All Plans Include:

Healthcare Assistance
Healthcare Assistance

We book appointments, prepare questions to ask the doctor, and explain all diagnostic testing.

Treatment Accountability
Treatment Accountability

We help you understand and stick to your doctor’s treatment plans and make sure you never run out of your medications.

Health Education & Goal Setting
Health Education & Goal Setting

We educate you on all health matters, and set attainable daily goals, then hold you accountable to them.

Preventative Health Management
Preventative Health Management

We set up all recommended preventative screenings and provide mental health support to manage stress and anxiety.

stethoscope plant nurse

Can you help me find a better cardiologist that speaks my language?

Done! We found Dr. Patel, he’s highly rated, covered by your insurance and only 10 minutes away from you.

Should I book an appointment for Tuesday at 12pm during your lunch time

Wow. That was fast! Yes, thank you MySeema!

blood pressure

Good morning! Don’t forget to send me a photo with your blood pressure levels.

Good morning! Thanks for remiding me.

Congratulations! You’ve gone from 131/89 to 109/82. This is great! You’re almost there, we just need to drop that 82 to a 79. You got this!

Thank you MySeema! I’m trying the new recipe you sent me today.

plant examination

I just got the results of my blood test, was the doctor right about my cholesterol?

Everything looks ok except for your LDL cholesterol, which is a little high. Yours is at 127 mg/dL, but the optimal is below 100. So the doctor was right, but its not as bad as he initially suspected.

Dr. Brown is available at 6 pm next Wednesday, does that suit you?

Yes please! Do you think I’ll be referred to a specialist?

As your doctor mentioned, we can improve your cholesterol by increasing high fiber foods, eat less fried foods & exercise. Then we’ll checked it again in 6 months to see if a referral is needed.

Thank you MySeema!

plant examination

It’s been a year since your last diabetes preventing screening. Do you want me to scheduled it for next week?

Yes, please, next week sound great!

Excellent. I found a Clinic that’s 10 minutes away from your house and it’s covered by your insurance. Does Wednesday at 4 pm sound good to you?

Yes, thank you MySeema! I’m going out for my daily walk.

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Proactive Benefits

Exclusive to our Proactive families

Virtual Support During Doctors’ Appointments

Your dedicated MySeema Nurse will be present virtually at your doctor’s visits through the phone. During the visit we take notes, ask questions, suggest actions based on your preferences and confirm all treatment plans.

After the visit, we’ll summarize, explain, and answer all your questions, then hold you accountable to your new plan.

Proactive plan includes 1 virtual doctor’s visit every 3 months.
Need additional visits? No problem. We only charge our proactive members $50 per visit.
Chronic Condition Management

Chronic Condition Management

We virtually monitor vital signs and symptoms, track medications, and adjust treatment plans as needed.

This is especially helpful for the ongoing management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases, potentially reducing healthcare costs and unnecessary hospital visits.

Insurance Claims & Assistance

Insurance Claims & Assistance

We help you understand your health plan benefits and estimate costs, review insurance communications, and offer assistance in fighting denials and exploring other options.

We also assist in selecting and securing in-network care and healthcare plans that best suit your needs.

Medication Adherence &

Medication Adherence & Oversight

We find lower-cost prescriptions and manage medications, vitamins, and supplements, ensuring you stay on track with their intake.

We also coordinate with physicians to address any side effects of the medication to make sure you are comfortable and confident with your prescription.

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Plan Benefits
for $ 79.99 /month Routine
for $ 99.99 /month first 3 months, then $149.99 first 3 months, then $149.99 Proactive MOST POPULAR
Comprehensive Health Assessment
Scheduled Health Consults every 3 months (via phone)
Review + Education on any Lab Results
Creation and Tracking of Lifestyle Goals
Accountability Partner
Prevention Screening Reminders
On Demand Nurse Q/A
Nutrition Education and Tips
Appointment Booking And Management
Talk Therapy
Inclusion of Ayurvedic Medicine
Pre, during, post Pregnancy Support
Prepare Relevant Questions to Discuss with your Doctor
Finding “In-Network” Quality Care
Nurse Accompanies You to Doctor Visits (4 times a year)
Document + Organize information from any Doctor visits
Management of All Care Coordination
Liason Between All Physicians
Management of Chronic Conditions
Review + Validate Insurance/Clinic Bills
Accountability for Treatment Plans
Medication Reviews
Daily Vitals Monitoring
Comprehensive Health Education
Insurance Reviews & Recommendations
Rewards Program
MySeema Nurse Attending Doctor Visits
$70 per visit
4 visits per year, any additional visit $50/visit
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