Part nurse,

part assistant,

all-in on your healthcare.

Nurse with families

Your virtual healthcare team, a tap away. Unlimited access anytime, anywhere.

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We Bring Back
the Care in Healthcare

We Bring Back
the Care in Healthcare

  • Personal Health Assistant: managing your doctors, chronic conditions, and insurance processes, saving your family time and money.
  • Virtual Support for Doctor’s Appointments: organizing lab results, preparing questions, taking detailed notes, and advocating for your preferences.
  • Peace of Mind: providing reassurance and removing stress from dealing with healthcare.

Your team of experienced nurses,
quarterbacking your health.

Making Families Healthier & Happier

Check our Case Studies to see the impact we have made on our members and their families.

Check our Case Studies to see the impact we have made on our members and their families.

Our Secret

We make healthcare a struggle of the past

Let’s start your journey to healthier future

We speak the language of healthcare in your native tongue.

*We currently support English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and Swahili.

More languages coming soon: Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Korean, Vietnamese, Telegu, Japanese & more.

*We currently support English, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish and Swahili, with more languages coming soon.
Improving life beyond health Check our Case Studies >

Nope! You do not need to be present at your loved one’s doctors' visits if your MySeema Nurse/Clinician is going to attend. We will manage the visit and also send you a summary with next steps, to keep you in the loop.

However, if you would like to attend as it may give you more peace of mind, we can still be present and lead the discussion with the MD. Whatever is most comfortable for you, we can do.

Firstly, we work alongside you to schedule your appointments and confirm that the provider is “in-network” so that we can help you avoid unnecessary costs. Then we have our members complete a HIPAA form, which we share with your doctor.

On the day of your appointment, our nurses are available for communication with you via text, but as soon as the doctor enters the room you have the option of video calling them, and voila! You have a virtual assistant by your side during the visit. This feature of MySeema is definitely one of our members’ favorites, particularly due to the communication barriers a member could potentially be suffering from when interacting with their doctors.

At this time MySeema does not accept insurance or medicare. We are working hard to present our progress to insurance companies so they will see the value and hopefully assist in covering costs in the future.

MySeema is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their health and manage their healthcare needs, without being overwhelmed by health information and trends.

We're especially helpful for busy families with a member suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight gain and so much more.

We're the bridge that connects you with everything related to health. From accompanying you to doctor appointments and helping you understand your treatment options, to monitoring your mental health and reducing anxiety, MySeema is like a trusted family member, always working to ensure that you’re in your best health, speaking to you in the language that makes you comfortable, including Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Swahili, and more to come.

MySeema acts as a bridge between you and your parent’s doctors, pharmacies, insurance and any other health care needs.

MySeema is your:

Family’s Care Coordinator:
We accompany members to doctor visits and understand current health updates, treatment plans and any next steps. In between visits we ensure that any treatments, testing, or imaging that is ordered gets done in a timely manner. Keeping everyone aligned is vital as we all know things can get lost in the shuffle. All of the members’ appointments, updates and any results are organized and provided to you regularly. Our job is to stay on top of all aspects of care so the members get the care they deserve.

Family’s Clinical Advocate:
Our main priority is the health and wellness of our members. While in our care, we make sure to understand their needs, communicate any necessary information with their doctors and ensure they receive quality care. Using our clinical experience, we can advocate holistic interventions and partner with the doctor in caring for the member. After understanding the treatment plan and goals of the doctor, we make sure our members follow it. We hold the members accountable in-between visits and are on the lookout for any concerns. If there are any concerns then you can be assured that we promptly communicate with the doctor and you.

Family’s Personal Patient Navigator:
Healthcare in the United States is complicated and fragmented. On top of that, knowing the ins and out of insurance is challenging. It requires time and consistent follow up, which most people don’t have. MySeema’s clinical team is experienced and knows how to navigate the system quickly. We can provide the support and do the “run around” for you. Our team will take the burden of making the calls, following up and chasing open items while always keeping you updated. We help with confirming what is covered by insurance, what is not, collect estimated costs, finding quality “in-network” care, and researching the most cost effective treatments.

Got Questions?

Contact us through our to get all your answers from a friendly MySeema representative. We also offer free consultations!