Personalized Cardiovascular

Protect your heart by gaining control of your blood pressure and cholesterol.

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Transforming health,
one personalized plan at a time


We take past vital trends, treatments, family history and current health status into account before we create your plan.


We set a customized masterplan based on your lifestyle, preferences, and doctor’s recommendations. This includes monitoring of vitals and healthy habit promotion, from diet to physical activity, all with the aim to improve your heart's health.


We talk to our members often and monitor their blood pressure regularly. If we notice any worrying changes or if they're not feeling well, we quickly tell their doctor so they can get the right care without waiting too long.

Expert Proactive care

Services included in our MySeemaPlan

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Real People with Real Results

“I didn’t always prioritize my health, but MySeema helped me change that.”

Before Nina joined MySeema, she was overwhelmed with the medications prescribed for her blood pressure. She was confused about the mechanism in which they worked on her body, and was scared of their side effects. After MySeema got to know her and understood her concerns, Nina’s team clarified her treatment plan and answered all her questions regarding her medications, addressing all potential side effects. They also shared Ayurvedic options after reviewing them with her doctor, as Nina was interested in natural remedies that would help her condition. MySeema assured her that if any problems were to arise they would notify her doctors ASAP, which gave Nina the knowledge to take control of her health.

Proud of this member's achievements

Adherence to Medication

Adherence is when a
person follows their treatment plan from their doctor. It is measured by tracking if the individual is taking the recommended medications/doses on time, and in the right amounts.

Drop in blood pressure

Blood pressure is a
measurement of pressure against the walls of blood vessels, and should average 120/80 mmHg to avoid heart disease. MySeema tracks this metric daily for those with hypertension.

Steps walked

Steps taken daily as
monitored by MySeema since the start of the membership. It is recommended to take around 8-10K steps daily to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and promote mental well-being.

“Because of MySeema I’m are able to manage my diabetes and learn how to avoid complications.”

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Healthcare on your terms

Proactive healthcare and on-demand support from MySeema Nurses for you and your family.


Check-ins & Updates

MySeema allows you to set the frequency of check ins for your loved ones. Comprehensive updates and summaries of each doctor’s visit is shared with you. We always want to keep you informed about their health, for you and your families’ peace of mind.


Preventive Care

We monitor key health indicators daily, including blood pressure, sugar levels, and more. If we observe any negative trends, we immediately notify you and collaborate with your loved one’s doctors to take proactive action. Our goal is to prevent potential health issues from escalating.


"I realized that being a caring and protective son does not mean I have to do this alone."

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