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1 in 6 employees is a caregiver to an elderly or disabled loved one

How does this impact the health of your employees and business?

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The Hidden Cost Of Caregiving



of caregivers went in late, left early or took time off.

Healthcare Costs


higher medical cost between caregivers and the benchmark population.



of caregivers went from full-time to part-time;
5% retired early.

Caregiving employees spend over 20 hours a week providing care, which doesn't take into account the time they spend worried about their loved ones.

MySeema supports employees and their loved ones so they can stay happy and focused at work

Problem MySeema
Employees frequently take time off to accompany family to medical appointments.
Certified clinicians accompany patients to their doctor visits virtually
Reducing time off by stopping the need for employees to attend patient visits allows for focused, uninterrupted work.
Productivity drops as employees struggle to focus on understanding their loved one's diagnosis and care plan.
Clinicians send visit summaries, explain diagnoses, and aid in care plan selection.
Improved productivity as employees stay focused at work, knowing that all medical questions will be answered.
Increase in turnover as employees take paid leave or quit to care of a loved one.
Clinicians regularly check in with patients to ensure care plans and vitals are on track.
Reduction in turnover as employees take less time off, achieve a better work-life balance, and reduce stress.
Employees burn out as they search for in-network providers and the right insurance plan during their workday.
Clinicians help with providers, billing, and insurance recommendations.
Employee efficiency increases as stress decreases and they feel less overwhelmed with healthcare.

What you can expect from MySeema:

  • Clinical professionals available to virtually attend medical appointments as needed.
  • Team members help patients remain adherent to their preventive screenings and immunizations.
  • Multilingual clinical professionals support first and second-generation Americans.
  • 24/7 access to a professional who can help answer medical questions.
MySeema member on videocall with nurse

In a July 2017 survey, 75% of benefits managers agreed that a caregiving-friendly workplace would attract and retain talent.