Taking the Worry
Out of Going to
the Doctor

We save you time and stress by virtually accompanying your loved one to all their doctors’ appointments.

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Transforming health,
one personalized plan at a time


We take note of all previous treatments, insurance benefits, and clinical visits, establishing a list of past/current healthcare providers. If you should need a new doctor, we research options based on your personal preferences and insurance coverage.


We prepare a list of questions to ask your doctor and share any metrics that they may need during the visit.


After the visit, we send a thorough summary of the visit and plan to your family, so everyone is updated. We also update any other doctors who care for you so everyone is aligned on your health.

Expert Proactive care

Services included in our MySeemaPlan

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Real People with Real Results

“MySeema has helped me become more confident.”

Priya had never been to the doctor alone and would always ask her son or daughter to join her, which meant they had to take time off their busy schedules. Her English was weak, and she would often feel intimidated going to the office alone. After becoming a member Priya fell down and hurt her knee. She notified her MySeema team who quickly alerted her position and got an appointment scheduled for the next day.

For the first time in her life, Priya went to the clinic on her own. She felt confident this time, because her MySeema team was with her and virtually communicated with her doctor on her behalf. Priya’s doctor was also relieved when MySeema offered lots of information and data to help him make the right diagnosis and treatment plan. After the visit, her team explained to Priya what the doctor said and coordinated to start the healing process for her knee. Her children were also updated on her condition and treatment.

Proud of this member's achievements

Lost in
2 Months

The pounds lost as
tracked by MySeema since the start of the membership. Weight loss can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and joint pain.

Drop in blood pressure

Blood pressure is a
measurement of pressure against the walls of blood vessels, and should average 120/80 mmHg to avoid heart disease. MySeema tracks this metric daily for those with hypertension.

Steps walked

Steps taken daily as
monitored by MySeema since the start of the membership. Around 8-10K steps daily is recommended to prevent heart disease/diabetes.

“With MySeema’s support I feel like I have more control over my health.”

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Healthcare on your terms

Proactive healthcare and on-demand support from MySeema Nurses for you and your family.


Check-ins & Updates

MySeema allows you to set the frequency of check ins for your loved ones. Comprehensive updates and summaries of each doctor’s visit is shared with you. We always want to keep you informed about their health, for you and your families’ peace of mind.


Preventive Care

We monitor key health indicators daily, including blood pressure, sugar levels, and more. If we observe any negative trends, we immediately notify you and collaborate with your loved one’s doctors to take proactive action. Our goal is to prevent potential health issues from escalating.


"I realized that being a caring and protective son does not mean I have to do this alone."

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