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No Stress

We'll help you find the right care with your insurance benefits and make sure you avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Save your family time and money by making sure your insurance works for you.


We remind you when it’s time for insurance enrollment, review your current benefits, and compare them to any new offerings. We also help answer questions about insurance processes.


We make sure you get the most out of your coverage, from prescriptions, treatments, preventive screenings, and vaccinations. We’ll also find the best in-network providers for you based on your location, language, and gender.


Before undergoing any procedure or surgery, your MySeema team will verify benefits with insurance, collect any estimated costs beforehand and review any bills to verify accuracy.

Expert Proactive care

Services included in our MySeemaPlan

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Save up to 50% with Medicare*

You can enjoy paying from 20 to 50% less on your monthly subscription costs, making preventive care more accessible.

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“I don't have to worry about coordinating appointments, insurance, or anything.”

Rohan joined the MySeema family when his son realized he needed experienced help with his father’s healthcare. The family found it difficult to understand insurance, from what was in or out of network, to how to gauge the costs of the care they need. Within the first 2 weeks, MySeema educated the family about how health insurance works, what their benefits include, and reviewed different plan options to guide Rohan on the plan that best suits his father’s needs. The family wanted a doctor fluent in Hindi, so MySeema found an in-network provider near them that could care for Rohan.

Rohan received a bill that charged him for a vaccine given previously. MySeema also communicated with Rohan’s insurance company when his team discovered that he had been charged for a vaccine that should have been covered by his insurance. They collected all the necessary documentation and communicated with the company until Rohan was reimbursed in full.

Proud of this member's achievements

in healthcare

MySeema saves the
family time from several phone calls required for coordinating care, following up with insurance, disputing bills, and any other tasks related to healthcare.

Points Down
in Cholesterol

MySeema creates holistic
health goals to reduce cholesterol and tracks blood tests for each member. High cholesterol can lead to heart attacks.


The amount of miles
walked weekly as monitored by the MySeema team since the start of the membership.

“I was able to save so much time and stress by having MySeema on our side. They took care of everything with the insurance company and saved us money in the end.”

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Healthcare on your terms

Proactive healthcare and on-demand support from MySeema Nurses for you and your family.


Check-ins & Updates

MySeema allows you to set the frequency of check ins for your loved ones. Comprehensive updates and summaries of each doctor’s visit is shared with you. We always want to keep you informed about their health, for you and your families’ peace of mind.


Preventive Care

We monitor key health indicators daily, including blood pressure, sugar levels, and more. If we observe any negative trends, we immediately notify you and collaborate with your loved one’s doctors to take proactive action. Our goal is to prevent potential health issues from escalating.


"I realized that being a caring and protective son does not mean I have to do this alone."

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