37-Year-Old Woman with PCOS Saves Over $700 on Lab Tests


Thank you for saving me so much money! The labs cost my friend so much more.


Name: Anna

Time since enrollment: 3 months

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Concerns: PCOS, egg freezing.

  • Saved $700 in medical costs.
  • Saved over 15 hours in insurance research.
  • All doctor’s visits with MySeema’s virtual assistance before, during and after appointments.

How We Achieved This:

Anna, a 37-year-old woman with PCOS who is considering egg freezing, found invaluable support and guidance through MySeema. With a strong focus on care coordination, MySeema not only saved Anna time but also resulted in significant cost savings. The proactive care coordination provided by her team offered much-needed support during her fertility doctor's appointments.

Financially, MySeema's diligent efforts helped Anna save approximately $700 by identifying a more affordable out-of-pocket option for routine lab work. They also guided her in exploring insurance plans to ensure coverage during emergencies.

Beyond the cost savings, MySeema actively advocated for Anna during her fertility doctor's appointments, asking important questions and ensuring she had access to comprehensive information. This empowered Anna to make well-informed decisions about her fertility journey.

In addition to care coordination, MySeema supported Anna in scheduling exams, coordinating medication refills, and researching cost-effective options for IVF medications.

Anna's experience highlights the significant impact of personalized care management and advocacy in fertility treatment. MySeema continues to be a valuable partner, empowering individuals like Anna to make informed choices, save time and money, and evaluate if egg freezing is the best decision for her.

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