Stressed Mom Drops Blood Pressure and Tackles Mental Health


This is the most I've taken care of myself and it feels good.


Name: Melissa

Time since enrollment: 3 months

Age: 52

Gender: Female

Concerns: Pre-diabetes, mild heart attack, depression, mental health.

  • Dropped blood pressure levels by 85 points.
  • Drinks at least 64 ounces of water per day.
  • Cut down on sugars.
  • Started yoga and improved mental wellness.

How We Achieved This:

At first, Melissa was highly skeptical about how MySeema could help her and remained in denial about many of her health conditions. However, the dedicated team at MySeema took the time to patiently educate her about the workings of the program, the underlying causes of her health issues, potential risks, and practical steps she could take in her daily life to effectively manage her chronic diseases.

Within just a few months of joining MySeema, Melissa experienced a remarkable transformation. She mustered the courage to visit her primary care physician, an appointment she had always avoided in the past. Moreover, she promptly sought medical attention for her persistent heel pain and even overcame her dread of getting the pneumonia shot. The supportive team proactively scheduled and completed various health screenings and vaccinations, ensuring she received the necessary care.

Melissa's dedicated team prioritized regular monitoring of her blood pressure, encouraged increased physical activity, provided extensive education on nutrition, assisted in reducing her sugar intake, and emphasized the importance of proper hydration.

When she initially joined MySeema, Melissa's blood pressure measured a concerning 184. Yet, after just three months, her latest reading showed significant improvement, measuring a remarkable 99. Additionally, she focused on weight management and embraced lifestyle changes to achieve a healthier weight.

Over time, Melissa expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support and valuable recommendations provided by the MySeema team, affectionately referring to them as her own "cheerleading team." Her guardian, too, acknowledged the positive impact of the service, expressing astonishment at Melissa's newfound dedication to following the recommendations.

The collaborative efforts of Melissa, her son, and the MySeema team resulted in remarkable positive changes in her lifestyle. She made improved dietary choices, increased her water intake, and actively engaged in physical activities such as yoga. This holistic approach led to notable improvements in her blood pressure readings and overall well-being.

Melissa's case serves as a compelling example of the transformative power of personalized health support provided by MySeema. Despite initial skepticism and denial, Melissa wholeheartedly embraced the educational resources and guidance offered by the service. Through consistent communication, education, and support, Melissa's mindset underwent a positive shift, making her more aware of her health and the significance of self-care.

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