64-Year-Old Doctor’s Mammogram Results Inspire Healthier Lifestyle with Reduced Sugar Intake and 10k Daily Steps


Thank you for pushing me to get my mammogram done.


Name: Helen

Time since enrollment: 5 months

Age: 64

Gender: Female

Concerns: Prediabetes, osteopenia, anemia.

  • Increase daily steps from under 2,000 to 10,000 steps.
  • Achieve a 100% increase in daily water intake: 80 oz a day.
  • Complete mammogram and bone density screenings.
  • Make time for health goals.
  • Improve relationship with family.

How We Achieved This:

Helen's journey towards better health was marked by the collective efforts of her dedicated team. They approached her case with a comprehensive approach, focusing on incorporating increased physical activity, improved hydration, and preventive screenings.

Thanks to MySeema's unwavering encouragement and support, Helen, who initially averaged only 1311 steps per day, now impressively achieves an average of 10,260 steps. This significant increase in physical activity has not only contributed to improved cardiovascular health but also enhanced her overall fitness and weight management.

Moreover, Helen took proactive steps to improve her diet by becoming more conscious of her water intake and sugar consumption. Under MySeema's guidance, she now regularly consumes at least 64 ounces of water daily and has replaced high-carb snacks with healthier alternatives. These lifestyle changes have been instrumental in effectively managing her prediabetes.

Inspired by her team's video tutorial and progress updates, Helen embraced a proactive approach to her health. She set new health goals and integrated workouts into her routine, further enhancing her well-being.

Crucially, MySeema played a vital role in motivating Helen to prioritize her preventive screenings, leading her to complete her mammogram. By ensuring that she took these essential tests seriously, MySeema helped Helen prioritize her health and receive timely medical care.

Helen's success story highlights the immense value of personalized support and guidance in health management. By combining increased physical activity, improved hydration, and preventive screenings, Helen achieved remarkable improvements in her overall well-being. MySeema's partnership empowered her to make meaningful changes and prioritize her health effectively.

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