70-Year-Old Achieves Remarkable 25% Reduction in Blood Pressure


I am really happy that the MySeema Team is always with me for my appointments and asking the Doctor the right questions!


Name: Jessica

Time since enrollment: 19 months

Age: 63

Gender: Female

Concerns: Stage 3 kidney disease, high blood pressure, dizziness.

  • 25% Improvement in Blood Pressure.
  • 4x increase in daily water intake, from 16 oz to 58 oz.
  • Increase step count from 600 to 7000 daily steps.

How We Achieved This:

Jessica's journey with MySeema has been transformative, with her team focusing on three essential aspects: monitoring her blood pressure, increasing physical activity, and ensuring proper hydration. Before joining MySeema, Jessica struggled with high blood pressure, consistently averaging at 148/77. However, with the unwavering support and guidance of her team, her blood pressure has been successfully managed, and she now maintains a much healthier reading of 120/71. This impressive improvement has had a profound impact on her overall well-being, significantly reducing the risks associated with high blood pressure.

In addition to her blood pressure management, Jessica's water intake underwent a remarkable transformation. Initially, she consumed only 16 ounces of water daily, but with MySeema's reminders and encouragement, she now consistently drinks between 55 to 58 ounces. This increase in hydration has not only promoted better kidney function but has also had positive effects on her overall health, further supporting her in managing kidney disease.

Physical activity played a pivotal role in Jessica's personalized care plan. With MySeema's assistance, she successfully increased her daily step count from a modest 600-1000 steps to an impressive 7000 steps. Regular walking has brought numerous benefits into her life, including improved cardiovascular health, increased mobility, and enhanced overall fitness.

MySeema's unwavering support and personalized guidance have significantly streamlined Jessica's care coordination efforts. By providing timely reminders and personalized recommendations, Jessica felt empowered to monitor her blood pressure, engage in regular walks, and prioritize proper hydration. This proactive approach to care coordination not only allowed Jessica to take charge of her health but also led to remarkable improvements in her overall quality of life.

In conclusion, MySeema's dedicated team has been instrumental in helping Jessica achieve remarkable progress in her health journey. Through continuous monitoring and personalized guidance, Jessica's blood pressure is now under control, her water intake has significantly improved, and her physical activity levels have soared. With MySeema's support, Jessica has found a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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