67-Year-Old Successfully Reduces Average Blood Sugar Levels by 36 Points


My blood sugar levels are consistently staying below 200, and I find this progress truly remarkable thanks to all the invaluable assistance you've provided.


Name: Ram

Time since enrollment: 10 months

Age: 67

Gender: Male

Concerns: Diabetes, cholesterol.

  • Blood Sugar Level Drops by 36 Points.
  • Lost 5 lbs and maintained a healthy weight.
  • Achieved Optimal Cholesterol Levels.

How We Achieved This:

Prior to joining MySeema, Ram grappled with elevated blood sugar levels, averaging around 153. However, his health took a turn for the better after just 10 months of working with MySeema, as significant improvements were observed across multiple health indicators.

Central to Ram's care was the management of his blood sugar levels. Thanks to the dedicated guidance and support of his MySeema care team, he successfully implemented healthier lifestyle choices and dietary modifications. This involved practicing portion control, making meal substitutions, and incorporating more nutrient-rich leafy greens into his daily diet. To complement his efforts, Ram embraced a more active lifestyle, regularly visiting the gym, practicing yoga, and enjoying sauna sessions 2-3 times a week.

The results of his endeavors were remarkable, with Ram's blood sugar levels now averaging around 117, perfectly aligning with his primary care physician's goal of maintaining blood sugar levels below 120. Additionally, he experienced a notable 5-pound weight loss, contributing to his overall well-being.

The MySeema team also assisted Ram in managing his cholesterol levels and A1c levels, a crucial indicator of long-term blood sugar control. His dedication to achieving his health goals and adopting positive habits brought new flavor and purpose to his life, as noted by his daughter who lives out-of-state.

Beyond diabetes management, MySeema provided comprehensive support, including assistance with reviewing medical bills, scheduling appointments, finding new in-network providers close to his home, and managing medication refills. By efficiently handling these administrative tasks, MySeema relieved Ram of the stress of navigating the healthcare system, allowing him to concentrate on his health and well-being.

Throughout his journey, Ram remained highly motivated to achieve his health goals, with MySeema playing a crucial role in tracking and monitoring key health metrics, such as blood sugar levels, weight, and mental well-being. Regular engagement and feedback from the care team helped Ram stay on track and make informed decisions regarding his health.

Ram's case stands as a shining example of the positive impact of personalized care management provided by MySeema. Empowering individuals with chronic conditions to take control of their health, offering guidance on lifestyle modifications, and facilitating comprehensive care coordination, MySeema enables members like Ram to experience significant improvements in their overall well-being and enjoy a renewed sense of vitality.

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