60-Year-Old Dad Takes Charge of His Heart Health and Increases His HDL by 10 Points


I am grateful for MySeema's virtual presence during my PCP appointment. They navigated my concerns with great depth and attention.


Name: Charles

Time since enrollment: 17 months

Age: 60

Gender: Male

Concerns: High cholesterol, cardiovascular health, weight loss, health education, exercise and routine.

  • HDL cholesterol increased by 10 points.
  • Bikes 5-6 miles a day.
  • Maintains a healthier diet compared to past eating habits.
  • Increased daily steps from an average of 4,500 to 10,500.
  • Attended preventive screenings and scans.
  • Improved relationships with family.

How We Achieved This:

When Charles joined MySeema, his team took a comprehensive approach to enhance his overall health and well-being. They focused on incorporating daily physical activity, healthier eating habits, educational intervention, and preventative care to create a personalized and effective plan.

To boost his physical activity levels, MySeema guided Charles towards regular walking and cycling routines. Over time, this resulted in a remarkable increase in his daily step count, soaring from an average of 4,500 to an impressive 10,500 steps. As a result, Charles experienced significant improvements in his cardiovascular health.

Recognizing the importance of a balanced diet, Charles conscientiously made efforts to improve his eating habits. MySeema supported him by providing education on nutrition and portion control, empowering him to make informed food choices and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A critical aspect of Charles's healthcare journey was MySeema's outstanding care coordination. They virtually attended his primary care physician appointments, ensuring that his concerns received thorough attention and resolution. When Charles expressed interest in exploring additional healthcare services, such as visiting an audiologist and undergoing a bone density scan, MySeema efficiently scheduled these appointments and provided proactive support.

Throughout the process, the team diligently educated Charles on the functions of various organs and the importance of regular screenings. They closely monitored his physical activity and dietary intake, serving as a source of motivation and support, which significantly contributed to his overall health management.

Charles's success story exemplifies the undeniable impact of MySeema's services. The personalized guidance, care coordination, and education he received empowered him to achieve remarkable improvements in his well-being. His journey underscores the vital role that physical activity, dietary modifications, and proactive care coordination play in leading a healthier and happier life. MySeema's dedication to helping individuals like Charles serves as a testament to the importance of comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services.

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